Finch Restorations will transform your Classic Car
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Put your Internal Combusion Engine on ICE!

E-Type Jaguar at Finch Restorations
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Jaguar E-Type Conversion Kits

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Bespoke Electric Conversions

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Bespoke Electric Conversions

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Cutting-Edge Technologies

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Preserving the Past, Powering the Future

Preserving the Past, Powering the Future

Finch Restorations, the leader in the Australian automotive restoration industry, is thrilled to announce a partnership with UK-based Electrogenic.

The partnership brings Electrogenic's revolutionary electric vehicle (EV) conversion kits, tailored specifically for classic cars, to Australia's classic automotive enthusiasts.

This partnership marks a significant milestone in sustainable automotive solutions, marrying Finch Restorations' six decades of heritage in vehicle preservation and restoration with Electrogenic's cutting-edge EV technology.

Greg Spooner

Manager - Finch Electric Vehicles

Discover a new era of classic car restoration with Finch Electric Vehicles.

Marrying Finch Restorations' six-decade heritage of vehicle preservation and restoration with cutting-edge EV technology, we offer a unique opportunity for classic car enthusiasts to transition to electric while preserving the soul and aesthetics of their beloved vehicles.


Reversible 'Drop-In' Kits

Each electric conversion is 'drop-in' and reversible, ensuring your classic car's unique character shines through, now with electric efficiency.

Do No Harm

When converting your vehicle to electric with our EV 'drop-in' kits, we do not need to drill or cut any of the bodywork or chassis. Therefore, the conversion is fully reversible.


All EV conversions provide a big increase in torque. Depending on your choice from our motor options, most conversions also provide a significant increase in power. Your classic car becomes a reliable and renewed pleasure to drive.

Put your ICE on Ice

If you wish to store your original Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) for posterity after the EV conversion, we can prepare and pack your engine and fuel tank for long-term storage ... put it 'on ice'!

Why Choose Finch for Your EV Conversion?

Why Choose Finch for Your EV Conversion?

Automotive Preservation Experience: With six decades of experience in the classic and vintage car restoration industry, we are award-winning experts at preserving automotive history. We already service all states and territories of Australia from coast to coast.

Putting your ICE on ice: Converting your classic or vintage car to electric while preserving and storing the original engine offers a multitude of benefits. By putting your 'ICE on ice' and safeguarding it from further wear and tear, you not only ensure its longevity but also mitigate the risk associated with aging components, especially in an era where spare or replacement parts are becoming increasingly scarce. This preservation approach is particularly crucial for older engines, where maintaining authenticity and historical value is paramount.

Reversible Conversions: The reversible conversion to electric ensures that the original ICE engine can be seamlessly reinstalled in the future, providing flexibility and preserving the integrity of the vehicle's heritage. Ultimately, this dual strategy of embracing modern sustainability while safeguarding tradition offers classic car enthusiasts the best of both worlds, ensuring continued enjoyment and preservation of automotive history for generations to come.

Expert Installation: Our EV conversion kits require the skilled touch of our experienced technicians, ensuring quality and safety. Our talented staff offer over 750 years of combined experience.

60 Years Experience
in Preserving Classic Cars
16 EV 'Drop-in' Kit Types
9 std vehicle kits / 16 variants
+ bespoke
>750 Years of Combined
Staff Experience
100% Reversible Conversions

EV 'Drop-In' Kits

Jaguar E-Type Series 1 and 2

Transforming a Jaguar E-Type with an electric powertrain elevates this quintessential British masterpiece to an extraordinary level. By removing the notably boisterous gearbox allows the vehicle to operate with the seamless ease of a sophisticated 'automatic' transmission. This modification not only enhances the driving experience but also preserves and melds the classic beauty with modern efficiency.

Porsche 911 G-Body / 964

The electric conversion kits designed for the Porsche 911 flawlessly transform the vehicle's original integrity while introducing a remarkable evolution in its driving dynamics. By strategically positioning the weight of the motor and batteries low in the vehicle, the centre of gravity is lowered enhancing stability and improving traction at the front. This reconfiguration, coupled with the immediate response of the electric torque, showcases the vehicle's peak performance in a new light.

Classic Mini

Electrogenic's revolutionary Classic Mini EV conversion kit will be launched in March 2024. It offers a golden solution for an Italian Job, or for a great getaway!

Triumph Stag

The world's first Electric Triumph Stag! Officially confirmed as the first electric Stag by the UK Stag Owners Club. Introducing Electrogenic's drop-in electric conversion kit for the Triumph Stag.

Land Rover Defender

The conversion kits for the Electrogenic Land Rover Defender offer thrilling performance and genuine prowess across rugged terrains. While your Defender will feel like an "automatic", it will maintain its comprehensive four-wheel-drive functionality, complete with high and low gear ratios and the essential transfer box differential lock.

Series Land Rover

Landies have a dedicated following ever since they were introduced soon after WW2. As many owners are discovering, you can renew your love-affair with this veteran Series of Land Rovers with an EV kit and preserve your heritage engine for potential reverse installation in future decades. You can preserve your Landie's inherent charm as a beloved companion for both daily commutes and adventurous escapades ... on the beaches, landing grounds, in fields, in streets and on the hills.

New Conversion Kit #7 to be announced soon

A new Conversion Kit is to be announced soon after the Classic Mini 'drop-in' kit is released in March 2024.

New Conversion Kit #8 to be announced soon

A new Conversion Kit is to be announced soon after the Classic Mini 'drop-in' kit is released in March 2024.

New Conversion Kit #9 to be announced soon

A new Conversion Kit is to be announced soon after the Classic Mini 'drop-in' kit is released in March 2024.

Bespoke and Specialisation

Bespoke Conversions
The Achilles' heel of classic and vintage cars is often the drivetrain. Reliability, power, over-heating, and spare parts are often a bain for the owner of a classic or vintage vehicle.

Through an EV conversion you can put your 'ICE on ice' safeguarding it from further wear and tear. Then enjoy your classic motoring confident of getting home safely and reliably.

If you have a dream, and a standard 'drop-in' kit is not listed, talk to us about a bespoke commission.
Defence / Military
Defence / Military
Electric drivetrains are central to the future of army mobility. They are quiet, have no heat signature, and the overall fuel cycle (from diesel to motive power) is more efficient which means reduced fuel logistics. Instant access to stored power is also available for a range of needs, beyond just mobility.
Wineries / Agriculture
Electric Landrover Conversion
Wineries / Agriculture
Agricultural EV conversion kits are available that have been designed to suit the needs of cool-climate wineries and landowners. (These kits are short-range and unsuitable for hot climates and highway use.)
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Electrogenic Case Studies - YouTube Channel

Electrogenic YouTube Channel

Electrogenic have a wonderful library of videos on their YouTube Channel with updates regularly. There you can view fascinating case studies and road-reviews of their bespoke and standard 'drop-in' kit conversions undertaken in their Kidlington workshops in the United Kingdom.

Subscribing to their YouTube channel is highly recommended. Visit the Electrogenic YouTube Channel

Electrogenic Case Studies - YouTube Channel

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This car has no shortcomings – it is not a compromise, nor a concession, just a continuation of the British engineering might that once created the world’s most inspiring machines.

Ed Wiseman, The Telegraph
Road-test of Electrogenic’s Jaguar E Type kit.




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